18. Juni 2014


„A vivid and virtuous Klezmer ensemble beyond any musical boundaries“. (Deutschlandradio Cultural station)

Original klezmer at its best and then something completely different. A musical diversity, played, no, lived by a group of superb, young musicians. Always on the wing, following the cry of the Yxalag crane, from land to land, from klezmer to swing, from classical to Balkan, from duet to octet, fiddled, plucked and blown – all in the authentic Yiddish way.

Quite simply, a Filfarbike Mishpoke!

YXALAG is the name of a young klezmer ensemble that first encountered the world of klezmer, the traditional Jewish folk music from eastern Europe, in November 2008 and were instantly addicted to its sound. The musicians were entranced by the manifold ways of expression offered by this emotional and virtuoso genre. Their classical instrumental training and their jazzy, improvised approach are hallmarks of their playing, while at the same time investing the traditional klezmer palette with new colour. With the love of playing of true klezmorim, they have discovered their own voice, which seamlessly integrates influences from a variety of cultures, including classical fugue, bossa, tango, swing, musette, Balkan beats and the melancholy of Russian melodies. They trust their instinctive feel for creating arrangements that conjure up sounds that touch the soul.

YXALAG is also the name of the crane that guides the band on its global flight through their third studio album: Filfarbike Mishpoke. Eleven musical declarations of love for klezmer in all its nomadic variety with well-known klezmer traditionals and own compositions from clarinettist Jakob Lakner. Intimate duets, a string quartet between baroque and folk and thunderous octets with esprit and dynamism chase each other in different instrumentations. Following their extremely successful debut album ‘A Yiddishe Mame’ and their second album ‘Fargint Zikh’, which was highly praised in the music press and nominated for the German Record Critics‘ Award in the ‘Border Crossings’ category, Yxalag has set yet another milestone in the contemporary klezmer scene together with their producer, conductor and clarinettist Bernd Ruf.

For YXALAG, klezmer is more than just a musical genre. Klezmer stands for passion, melancholy and a love of playing, which is omnipresent and which Yxalag seeks in all things. This love of playing is at the centre of everything, preserving the fire in the words of Mahler. Yxalag transcend the borders of genre, tear down walls and leave the beaten track far behind them. Yxalag’s music embodies a Europe without borders and without prejudices.

Nothing stops the flight of the Yxalag crane.



Jakob Lakner, clarinet (jazz clarinettist and composer)
Nele Schaumburg, violin (dogma chamber orchestra, music teacher)
Kayako Bruckmann, violin (Lübeck Theatre)
Luka Stankovic, trombone (freelancer, teacher, Mannes College New York)
Nicolas Kücken, guitar (music teacher and producer)
Ulrich Zeller, double bass (Munich Philharmonic)

For more information about Yxalag Klezmer Band:  office@germanpops.de